All success people and special ones are the person who understand and have benefits from others experts and stories.

Let us mention some tips to choose the mixes or any other Oud fragrance and I hope others will get benefits from it.

  • Lot of people goes to an expensive shops thinking that the expensive one will have better products.
    but this is not the truth as most of these shops coast its owner thousands and millions of dollars, and this money it will come back in return by an expensive selling price only and not with good products.

  • Donít try more than two fragrance at one time of a visit, as you get inside the shops you will smell lot and lot of fragrances which effect bad at your sense of smelling, which reflects bad choices in return to what you really wants, and all the fragrances will be mixed together with a way that you canít figure the good from bad at the end.

  • Always keep in mind that packaging is an important issue when you deliver a gift to someone.

  • Donít confuse yourself with multi choices, decide before you go to a shop what is the thing you are looking for is it Oud or fragrance or mixes or other thing in order to control your potential needs.

  • †Communicate with experts only, as there are many who sales fragrances, Oud, saffron, mixes, even Honey and coal and medical herbals these entire in one place which make it bad service to all of the mentioned products. There was a story for one of these shops who make married with all the selling products.

  • †The way of putting the fragrances on body and clothes, make a very important rule in spreading the fragrance, as there are lot of people who would put it in a wrong place of body, which cause a low spread and negative impression on others.

    I found people they put it in the upper part of the chest which make the person smell the fragrance and think that everyone can smell it too, but he doesnít know that the most important place to put the fragrance is the shoulders and the edges of the clothes or under the ears, as all these places will get more winds than other parts of the body which make the fragrance spread more easily to the people.