Commandments and secretes

Among your visit to some countries that export Oud, you may face some people who sell this product especially to who sell to Gulf countries.

You may notice some strange movements from them or saying some Arabic words to attract you. And though you may find some Oud with them they show it to tourisms, and they say it is from fine sources and most precious one, but in reality it is from worst sources and it is from the old ones or whatever left with them.

Most of those people sell to tourist in high prices with their bad and snaky ways especially when selling to Arab and Saudi people.

And I have noticed some people from my country Saudi Arabia who have come saying they buy the most important and precious Oud from its source but in word of troth they bought the cheapest ones.

Another thing you as Arabic visitor to the source countries you should be aware of, donít go with people who told you we will take you to a house or farms of the traders and this is for the following reasons :
1. The Arabic face of yours, everyone knows that the Arabian comes to buy Oud, and this means you have money comparing with the poor people they live there, this will make you a precious target for stealing and maybe more than this especially those traders will take only cash money from you.

2. No one knows their language so maybe one person will make some provoked action with you in order to steal you.

3. The majority of the forests owners and the people who presents this goods at home or at his ranch are from Buddhism or Sikhs or they donít believe in God at all, so remember the saying that ( never trust a stranger). However it is preferred to take your tour guide or guard with you from trusted companies.

4. Also there is many snakes forest which prefer to live in this kind of forests.

Finally Kuwaiti dealer I met there, told that he was witchcraft there and get stolen by the people there and buying very bad Oud with very high price, wich in the beginning he was sure it is a fine and good one.

He said: the trader give me a fine kind but when I reach to export office I saw what was scaring as the kind I have is not what I buy.

So be careful and keep reading from holy koran (alkurse) when you enter to these forests or during your interaction with these merchants in those countries