Methods of cheating Oud

How to look and search for good and appropriate incenses?

Due to many people who get fraud and exploitation during the purchase of different types of Oud, let me say and explain about some forms and methods of fraud, which I saw myself in the Exporting Countries, and in some Gulf countries, and some of our local markets.

1 - The polish and industrial color:
Some merchants resorted to give glint to Oud pieces, so it gives a good image of the buyer when he/she see it, so It reflects the cleanliness of the Oud, this trick will be shown when the buyer rubs the Oud pieces, and sometimes to cast it in black or dark brown, these abilities also resourceful when Broken pieces of oud so you sees another color instead of the one you buy.

2 - Stuffing spare lute, and the use of adhesives to increase the weight:
Some people stuffing the Oud with Heavy pieces like iron and small but heavy pieces of lead, and stick adhesive materials such as wax and glue, so it seems that the real weight of Oud pieces, this method is used in high Oud prices.

3 -the humidity:
One of the characteristics of Oud trees is to absorb a large quantity of water; some traders sprayed the Oud woods with water, so it gain more weight, thus raising its price.
There are other types of Oud significantly stronger absorption for water, That you dont feel of moisture even when you touch it, even though the moisture may sometimes reach 40% of weight.

This method is common and widespread in Indonesia, Thailand and the Mountain State of Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia and the State of Klaus, this method may be spectators seen here some Gulf states, especially if the Oud is newly imported, which is bagged in plastic bags before submitting for sale so it not lose its weight, and drop the price ..!

4 -the false name:
Designation many kinds of Cambodian oud, to give a good picture to the buyer it is of good quality, but in fact it is of bad and ship quality? And not the type named.

5 - The industrial Oud:
Manufactured in Indonesia and made of ordinary wood trees near the island of kelmantan, which is not normal oud? , colored in black by furnace and hot sands, Hurt by Oud, so that if ignited it gives you light smell, which comes heavy parts and difficult to break or bending, and the price ranges between 1200 SR - 1400 SR/Kg, And I heard from a friend that he bought at 8500 SR imagining it a Cambodian origin and from good kind, and I personally doubt it damaged respiratory health of the body.

The reason for this type of incense, the down of prices for good incense to a large extent, leading many traders here not to import the good ones

6 - The mixing:
Mix fine species with poor but both same colors, the reason is his presence in the same jungle, Which gives it the same color of the original, this method revealed through testing, igniting several pieces of Oud.

7 Trick & take advantage of someone:
This method is common in some shops, When you visit the place or a company that sell the Oud, You find the vendor you choose to automatically broken certain incense, is known well in advance, and put you in Brazier, therefore it comes nice smell, and you take a positive perception of this type, so I advise you to test yourself and choose a piece and try it yourself.