Experiences and Experiments

Many people they dont learn from other expertise and experiences in any field, for example investment part of their money in a particular activity, or even to buy something for a personal use.

Once an idea arise, you will see the racing in their determination and the collection of energies, to implement and enforce this idea, without giving adequate time to study the idea and planning division for it, and benefit from the experience people who have spent precious and valuable time and money in order to implement of this Idea.

How much I wished to find someone takes my hand then, and guide me through these years to the proper direction from the people who have been in this field before me.

In particular, the people who dealt with the original sources, With Exporting Countries of these smells, the path will be easier and much less problems and the costs are smaller, and the impact of psychological frustrating is almost non-existent then.

Elsewhere, I receive requests from some customers, And listened to a group of them, especially those who want something distinctive for personal use on special occasions, I noticed that they spend a lot of their time looking for creative mix of special Oud in the markets and malls and I get surprised to know that they did not find what they need.

So we sated their wishes and preferences for certain smells and wants, but they already loss what they paid.

Abu Ameerah