Hobby and knowledge

At this section of the site, I wanted to point out an important Part for mixing fans, and who loves to learn the skill and artistic mixing, What qualities should be available? I have contacts, and I have many e-mails in this regard, which takes me a long time to respond Dear brother 30% of the mixing skills does not acquire or learn, But it is something you have inside, discovered through time with lot of several skills each man has it.

The remaining percentage which is 70% of the skill of mixing, is acquired skill, could be learnt and acquired over time, through trial and error, and benefit from advice and experiences of other amateurs and professionals.

I get more wonder from the people who pretend that they work in mixing and they have no workshop or laboratories with all the needed tools to make the mixes, and over all of this several kinds of original Oud.

Attributes of working:

1 - Possession a good smell sense, somewhat low sensitivity for the aromatic fragrances.

2 - Knowledge and familiarity with good perfumes, aromatic oils, and the impact on each other.

3 - A thorough study of the impacts of Oud .

4 - Possession of an integrated laboratory equipment, tools and materials needed for work, and testing, and collect the results.

5 - Trials and work hard always, and continues to discover new lines and fragrances, and do not hesitate to reach the target.

6 - Visits and coexistence with festivals and fairs that are held from time to time, in some regions and countries.