Mix school

The idea was born when we start our website on 18/02/1421 where the demands on mixes and Oud fragrances had become more in our countries, at that time the shops start searching for the best mixes and fragrances due to people demands on this kinds of fragrances rather than the French or Swiss or Spanish ones.

The French fragrances where at the top of people demands in Gulf countries but lately and especially in the last ten years the people starts to search to Oud fragrances, as there was an idea that only (shikh) and all the religious people only looking for this kind of fragrances, but this point of view had been changed due to the mixes and Oud fragrances as one of the beauty fragrances in the world.

Due to this the Oud fragrance starts in a very modern ways and methods like creamy Oud, or hear mixes and Lushuns even in prayer carpets.

So the shops start to produce many mixes and give it neck names for famous persons in Gulf countries, and many companies is now famous due to work with this field and start its marketing campaigns in TV radio and so on

As French fragrances cant beat the wonderful fragrances of Oud Mixes as the Oud fragrance has very special essence and as much as the fragrance gets older and ageing the fragrance becomes prettier and attractive.

And lately I noticed some Europeans and Americans to like the oriental fragrances as I receive many orders from customers from this countries asking for Oud fragrances and essences.