Owner of site has several types of Oud which are rare in our local markets, thanks to the repeated visits to the exported countries of Oud, and dealings with traders and owners of Oud factories there.

There is not small segment of people searching and looking and want to have a group of original Oud with good qualities and out standings, whether in the Arabian Gulf region or in the exporting countries of the Oud.

Experiences and good interaction with the Oud dealers in those countries you can have several types of Oud and rare incense, By buy them at a suitable quality and it’s rarity, when you visit these merchants in their warehouses, especially at home, you will see who is looking for rare Oud From the Arabian Gulf region and some countries such as Japan (Buddha temple) and India (Hindu and Sikh temples), These people cause the height of prices the Oud from one hand, On the other hand cause to encourage traders to show what ever is precious and rare and not hide what owned.