Most perfumes comes from Europe in many fragrances and many kinds, some come with flavors different to each other.

Unfortunately many companies and factories start to manipulate with the fragrances and start to make some bad fragrances in very ship prices, which make the people get confused when they want to buy.

So you may find some people looking for the original company in order to buy, but in a very expensive price.

Most French fragrances are famous and have many lovers in all around the world; also Spanish fragrances are mixed between the wests and east tastes which make it more attractive to the oriental people rather than the French ones.

Most fragrances in the past where from original flowers and roses and small trees which have nice essences but all the natural fragrances are expensive and take long time to be made, all this made the fragrances companies in Europe to make manufactured fragrances and oily essences, which cost this companies a lot of money in order to make this factories, and bring many experts people to check the good from bad fragrances and make the best selling products.

This is the reason why the competition starts between the companies and this make the person who wants to buy in a very confused situation in order to find the best fragrance; this is the reason why the companies take a step over the buyers as the fragrance stay for long time in their smell.

For this reason many emails come to me asking from this situation which cause bad choices, as the buyer get shock after a while from the fragrance he/she buy as the money they pay it doesnt suit the fragrance they bring.

From this I would like to introduce the fragrances kinds in our Gulf markets, which are:
Lemon fragrances.
Morning fragrances (fresh ones).
Spices fragrances (winter ones).
Lather fragrances.
Fruits and vegetables fragrances.