Oud , I Saw..

The differentiation environments and factors among the exporting countries of the Oud, has a great effects on the multiplicity of forms and colors and fragrances on the oud, recipes and forest Oud soils
Saudi Arabia has developed new regulations for the importation of Oud , from Packaging to environmental protection.

But what arrive to us, in fact, are little kinds for some reasons, I already mentioned some in other sections of the site.

And other reasons I will mention it in future sections and new pages, if God wills.

I noticed recently, Most of the products are from the Indonesian islands in the Gulf markets, about 90% of the Oud.

Many traders tend to call it Cambodian and Indian falsely and fictitious.
Allow me †please to describe some oud, I know and already dealt with it:

Indonesian type, smell good, very densely, along survival, but it can be strongly cheat it with Fillings, and glue in it.

Indonesian type, beautiful and peaceful fragrant, Its characterized by a large volume of spare oud and it rarely Charges and Patchwork, frequently used in marriages and large events we have.

Indonesian origin not that bad smell, personally I donít prefer it, it resembles the smell of wood sea.

Indonesian Origin good fragrant and we have recently begun to spread in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

The origin of this type is from Sumatra one of Indonesians islands and the island of the tsunami, its fragrance is not the best, but loved by the people at south of the Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Malaysian origin, Good fragrant, and the flavor is wonderful, but it is weak when compared with other types, and some traders call it Climintan †which is originally Malaysian, best quality which comes in black dotted.

It is the most beautiful and wonderful types of oud was known for a long time ago, and it is rare these days, The Government of India put difficult conditions and restrictions to import and prospecting in the Oud forest there, you can find in our markets semi-Indian Oud, but in origin it is not Indian ones, most of its materials are industrial ones with semi-Indian flavor.

The smell is very beautiful, it is luxury species kind, owned by the rich people, and rarely appeared in the recent period, especially edged one, and I've visited the borders of luaus twice in summer holiday in 1426, with a passion to have some of, And the search for the earthy luxury fine smell, which is similar to the old Indian one, but is different in smoothies, softens and beauty incent and strong fragrance.

It is from good quality, but the beauty in it is the fragrance of it, it is one of the beloved ones to me, and the source of this type of Oud from Burma near Thailand, Burma Oud comes on two different lines from semi-Indian Oud, and the other is cool and mild, and the last one has not been seen at the factories there.

A very popular and broad-based, of love and Tasters in the Arab Gulf countries, Buddha temples, Japan, China and Thailand, Sikh and Hindu temples in India, The source of this type from poor state of Cambodia, I saw in the mountains of Cambodia lot of brokers and traders from Japan, China, Thailand, and Gulf countries, Looking for the best kinds of Cambodian Oud.

A very very beautiful smell, and strong boiling for its smell, its fragrance stay at (Achammag) or clothing or furniture for long time, but itís warm on the eyes, and light weight, and its high-shattering to a small circus, is its problems, which makes many traders prefer not to bring it or import it, due to the fear of the loss during shipping or during classification and cleaning, and its real source is from the Indonesian island of Jawa.