Sense of smell and skill missing

God bestowed on man a smell sensitive to help us at certain times, to identify many things, like identification of aromatic fragrances and flavors; or your wishes of Mixes of Oud or other mixes.

I recognized some of Oud lovers they donít know how to adapt and employ their sense of smell to identify preferred perfume, they offer a sense of smell for several different fragrances at one time, causing confusion in the integument and nasal mucous for them self, (and therefore they are not able to give the correct discrimination and appropriate choice).

This phenomenon Exploited by many shops and vendors to dispose some fragrances unwanted, and trying hard to convince the buyer that there is no problem with that at all ..!.

Some people suggest to smell coffee powder in order to separate between fragrances but this is another problem to be caused as the smells will be mixed together that you canít separate between each fragrance in piece of paper and sniff at separated times in order to clear each content.

Elsewhere ... some has sense of smell, and those with a sense of fragrances more than others they know the difference between them, Some reach up to love certain fragrances, Singing and joy when exposed to these smells. This I saw it clear with those who love Oud and Oud mixs, occasionally firing some sighs which showe admiration and excitement, when exposed to those sense of smell incense, but they donít feel free to ask others about the names of these Mix .. !

Another kind of people may have no longer such a crucial distinction, because they donít know fragrances appropriate or completely lost the sensitivity or illness of it, and this we see clearly who use French perfumes in the past. I have received many contacts, demonstrate that large numbers of people drifting to the colors and mixes packages by using the sense of visualization instead of activating the sense of smell during their choice.

This method and the style of video clip or called propaganda fever, exploited by the owners of large shops and especially Oud companies and East perfumes, to deceive the buyer, by the color of the packag, rather than the quality of the Oud or its Mixes.