Ageing Mechanism

Many owners of Oud would wonder about how to obsolete and what is the correct way to antique the Oud.

The gaining of Oud antique gives several positive qualities and a wonderful change makes you surprised by the fragrant smell which reflect the originality of Oud and make it more stable and survival and more effective.

In my trips to some export countries of Oud, I find bright colors and types of Oud new cooked and I see other fermentation for long periods and different makes traders selling it at high prices compared to new types of Oud.

Here I would like to mention several tips on ageing which I hope will benefit both loves and cares of Oud

First: the Oud must be natural and pure and free from any additions or impurities If it comes from a good origin and cooked of natural incense, its fragrant will be more beautiful and wonderful inspired after ageing.

Secondly: we must preserve Oud in original glass and non-infringing and at the same time not to interact with Oud and the caution from the use of plastic bottles or glass with plastic cover.

Thirdly: we must keep the fat away from the sun and If preserved in glass bottle it’s supposed to cover with cloth to prevent exposure to sunlight, as more it is stored in a dark place it is better.

Fourth: when obsolete for long time you can notes on some types the sediments at the bottom of the bottle, these sediments are a reed atoms and incense from a peak of cooked Oud and origin.

Fifth: Do not worry at the lack of quantity of Oud through the end of the process of ageing due to the volatility of molecules of water used for cooking and breaking the violin line, which makes the Oud more coherent, stable and longer survival and heavier weight and thus more expensive.

 Sixth: do not touch the surface of Oud by hand or tried to take a sample to test it by hand or laxity in keeping it in proper situation.