The Oud Tree..

The tress at the Oud forest gets infected by a worm called oud worm, this warm have many benefits.

Hopes for most of the owners wish this warm to come to their tress in order to get infected.

Worm that lives on the bast and wood tree, and absorb some of the water and nutrients from the Hosting tree, leaving the tree alive, but give the veins of wood and tree strange smell and flavor, we call it colloquial (momentum).

Lute tree takes a long time up to twenty years of growth, making the owners of these forests begin to accelerate growth , By numbering the trees and put out signs, and then they activate this disease, and trying to give the tree the appropriate environment  for the growth of this worm, and this is done by giving these trees antibiotics and chemicals by Injection large needles.

This saddens me greatly as I have photographed some videos and some excerpts Bluetooth for this operation in the mountains of Cambodia, this process has caused the loss of flavor and smell the smell of natural origin Oud.